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Lash Lifting Course




3 Hours

About the Course

Unleash the Power of Natural Lashes!

Dive into our Lash Lifting Course and master the art of giving lashes a stunning, long-lasting lift. No extensions, just pure elevation.

Elevate your skills, captivate clients, and lift your career to new heights.

Enroll now and let those lashes soar!


Your Instructor



Meet Sylvia, your expert instructor for the Classic Eyelash Extension Foundation Course. With over years of experience in the field, Sylvia is a fully qualified beautician who holds British instructor qualifications to guide you through every aspect of launching your eyelash business.

Sylvia's teaching philosophy revolves around providing individualized attention and a personalized approach to ensure that each student fully comprehends and excels in the art of eyelash extensions. Her hands-on experience as a beauty business owner brings a unique perspective to her instruction, as she understands firsthand what it takes to succeed in the beauty industry.

In just a 5-hour training session with Sylvia, you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to kickstart your journey in the world of eyelash extensions, all under the guidance of a seasoned professional who is dedicated to your success. Join Sylvia and embark on your path to becoming a confident and skilled eyelash extension artist.

The Lash Lifting Course's end-of-course certificate is not just an acknowledgment of your skills but a testament to your dedication to excellence in the beauty industry. Let it be your passport to a world of opportunities, attracting clients who value quality and expertise.
What certification will be awarded upon course completion? Upon successfully completing the course, you will be presented with an end-of-course certificate that holds accreditation from the PBD accredited group. This certification grants you the eligibility to offer your services to the public.

Certification Details: End-of-Course Certificate for Lash Lifting Course from PBD Accredited Group


Lash lifting has taken the beauty industry by storm, offering a natural-looking alternative to traditional lash extensions. As a beauty professional, obtaining a certification in this sought-after technique can significantly enhance your service offerings and marketability.

What the Certification Represents:

  1. Proof of Expertise: The certificate stands as evidence of your comprehensive understanding and skill in lash lifting techniques. It indicates that you've been trained to the highest standards set by the PBD accredited group.

  2. PBD Accreditation: The PBD group's accreditation is a seal of quality assurance. It signifies that the course content, instructional methods, and evaluation criteria adhere to top-tier industry standards, ensuring you receive a robust and relevant education.

  3. License to Offer Services: With this certification, you're not only equipped with the technical know-how but also the professional legitimacy to provide lash lifting services to clients. It serves as a guarantee to potential clients about your proficiency and commitment to safety and quality.

  4. Career Advancement: This certification can act as a catalyst for your professional journey. Whether you aim to specialize in other beauty treatments, establish your own salon, or position yourself as a lash lifting expert, this certificate provides a solid foundation.

Validity and Renewal:

While the skills and knowledge you acquire during the course are invaluable, the beauty industry is ever-evolving. To maintain your edge and ensure you're updated with the latest trends and best practices, consider enrolling in periodic refresher courses or advanced workshops.

Contact Details
Heathfield Court, Stanwell Rd, Stanwell, Ashford TW15 3EX, UK


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