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Classic Eyelash Extension- Foundation




5 Hours

About the Course

This is the ideal launching pad for cultivating your lash extension expertise. Classic eyelash extensions, often referred to as the stalwarts of the eyelash industry, are celebrated for their ability to bestow a naturally graceful allure to the eyes, which is a key factor in their immense popularity.

Within our comprehensive training program, you will delve deep into the realm of Classic lashes, acquiring a comprehensive knowledge base. This encompasses meticulous lash mapping and precise styling, along with mastering the intricacies of correct application techniques, spanning lash positioning, thorough preparation, safe removal procedures, and diligent aftercare practices.

Our training also provides insights on achieving double retention for enduring results.

Rest assured, our training program is accredited by PBD and offers insurability, cementing your credentials as a competent lash extension practitioner in the industry.

Join us on this transformative journey to elevate your lash extension skills and expertise.


Your Instructor



Meet Sylvia, your expert instructor for the Classic Eyelash Extension Foundation Course. With over years of experience in the field, Sylvia is a fully qualified beautician who holds British instructor qualifications to guide you through every aspect of launching your eyelash business.

Sylvia's teaching philosophy revolves around providing individualized attention and a personalized approach to ensure that each student fully comprehends and excels in the art of eyelash extensions. Her hands-on experience as a beauty business owner brings a unique perspective to her instruction, as she understands firsthand what it takes to succeed in the beauty industry.

In just a 5-hour training session with Sylvia, you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to kickstart your journey in the world of eyelash extensions, all under the guidance of a seasoned professional who is dedicated to your success. Join Sylvia and embark on your path to becoming a confident and skilled eyelash extension artist.

Classic Eyelash Extensionv Foundation Training? The Classic Eyelash Extension Foundation Training is a comprehensive course that covers all aspects of classic lash extensions, from mapping and styling to proper application techniques, including lash placement, preparation, removal, and aftercare. It's an accredited program designed to provide the fundamental skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in eyelash extensions.
1. Loose Lashes 2. Strip Lashes 3. Gel Eye Pads 4. Silicone Lash Pad 5. 1Mascara wand 6. 2Tweezers 7. 1Microfibre brushes 8. 1Micropore tape 8. Eyelash Glue 9. Glue remover 10. Training Face
What certification will be awarded upon course completion? Upon successfully completing the course, you will be presented with an end-of-course certificate that holds accreditation from the PBD accredited group. This certification grants you the eligibility to offer your services to the public.

Course Content

  • Salon Health, Safety & Hygiene: Learn the essential principles and practices of maintaining a clean and safe salon environment, ensuring the health and well-being of both clients and practitioners.

  • Consultation, Planning & Preparation: Develop the skills necessary to effectively consult with clients, plan their eye treatments, and prepare for each session, ensuring that client expectations are met.

  • Safe and Effective Eyelash Extension Techniques: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the safe and effective techniques for providing eyelash extension treatments, including proper application methods and procedures.

  • Anatomy & Physiology: Explore the anatomical and physiological aspects of the eye and its surrounding structures, providing a foundation for understanding the eyelash extension process.

  • Contra-indications: Learn to identify and understand contra-indications, which are conditions or factors that may prevent or restrict the application of eye treatments, ensuring client safety.

  • Equipment, Materials, Products, and Techniques: Familiarize yourself with the various equipment, materials, products, and techniques used in eyelash extension treatments, enabling you to perform procedures with confidence and skill.

  • Treatment Planning: Develop the ability to create effective treatment plans tailored to individual client needs, ensuring that each eyelash extension treatment is both personalized and successful.

  • Aftercare Advice: Learn how to provide clients with valuable aftercare advice, guiding them on how to maintain and care for their eyelash extensions post-treatment to maximize longevity and satisfaction.

Contact Details
Heathfield Court, Stanwell Rd, Stanwell, Ashford TW15 3EX, UK


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