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Permament Make-up
Permament Makeup - Element

Prior to your permanent makeup consultation!

The consultation phase serves as the essential preliminary step preceding any Permanent Makeup Procedure. It is imperative to ensure that clients are adequately prepared and well-informed regarding the entire process, associated risks, and the requisite aftercare.

It is crucial to note that all consultations are obligatory. In the event that you have reserved a full appointment, there is no necessity to schedule a separate consultation, as every session commences with a comprehensive consultation.

This mandatory consultation is especially critical for individuals undergoing their first-time procedure, particularly if they have previously undergone a similar procedure performed by another practitioner.

Thoroughly acquainting oneself with the pre-care instructions is of paramount importance to guarantee one's readiness and relaxation on the day of the appointment.

In general, it is advisable to abstain from the consumption of caffeine and the use of drugs or drug-related products. Additionally, it is prudent to refrain from undergoing any other cosmetic services on the facial area prior to the scheduled service.

1. Consent Form


To assess your suitability for the treatment, your medical history will be meticulously reviewed. You will be required to peruse and complete a consent form.


2. Skin Type Assessment


During the duration of the 30-40-minute consultation, your skin will be closely examined. A comprehensive evaluation of your skin type will be conducted, followed by an explanation of the permanent makeup process. You will receive guidance on selecting the most suitable technique for your specific skin type. The procedure, tools, and equipment employed, as well as the treatment methodology, will be elucidated.

3. Documentation and Photography - Before and After Images


We will assess your preferred makeup style and facial contours to gain insight into your individual style. A discussion will take place to ascertain your desired outcome, whether it leans towards a natural appearance or a more pronounced finish.


4. Shape and Color Proposal


During this phase, collaborative efforts will be undertaken to tailor your ideal look. The consultation includes symmetry measurements, shape proposals using a pencil, and pigment selection. At this juncture, you will be encouraged to exhibit various facial expressions such as smiling and laughing, facilitating the determination of the perfect color and shape that best complements your unique facial features.


5. Aftercare Explanation


You will receive comprehensive guidance concerning the healing process associated with permanent makeup application, specifically for eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner.


Correction of Previous Tattoos Numerous new clients express the desire to rectify or refresh previously applied permanent makeup administered by another practitioner. It is important to note that we do not always perform procedures to conceal or rectify existing permanent makeup.


In many instances, such corrections pose formidable challenges due to variables such as the brand and composition of the pigments utilized by the original practitioner, color variations, fading, the natural pigmentation of your skin, the elapsed time since the last application, among other factors.


Consequently, we cannot provide an absolute guarantee regarding the specific outcome or the number of removal or color correction sessions that may be necessary. Nonetheless, we typically succeed in enhancing our clients' appearance.

We price this service as a new application. If additional work is required, we apply charges for each subsequent visit in accordance with standard touch-up rates.

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